8 Up-and-coming Portuguese Bands and Artists You Need to Know

Portugal’s creative scene has bloomed with an abundance of young and fairly new musical talent. No matter if you want to keep up with locally trending music or are planning to catch one of this year’s anticipated festivals, make sure to check out these up-and-coming Portuguese bands and artists.

Filipe Sambado

Lisbon-born and Algarve-raised Filipe Sambado began intertwining his life with music as a teenager. In an interview with the Portuguese internet publication Observador, he mentioned that he was also active in theater and tried getting involved with as many forms of creative expression as possible at a young age. Flash forward to 2018 and Filipe Sambado has three albums out within the pop genre, the last released this year, and he has become a well-known artist in much of Portugal. His style is an upbeat mix of indie and alternative rock and pop.

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